First place webposition 4

First place webposition 4

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Earn cash by becoming a WebPosition Dealer or Referral Partner

We have long understood the value that partnerships provide in taking our award-winning solutions to a wider market. With that in mind, we've tried to make it as easy as possible to allow partners to sell and recommend our products to their customers and prospects. As a partner, you can earn money either from selling WebPosition products or from referring customers and prospects directly to our website.

  1. WebPosition Dealer: Earn margins of 30%-40% from every sale of WebPosition Gold 4 and upgrades from within the same version. You can even earn money from the sales of dealers that you sign up. Requirements to become a dealer are minimal, allowing you to get started in just minutes!
  2. WebPosition Referral Partner: Earn 15% of all WebPosition Gold 4 sales resulting from visitors you refer to the WebPosition web site for as long as you remain a Partner. Simply add a link to our site. Absolutely NO selling are required and NO sign-up fee is required to get started!

Which partner program is right for you?

  Dealer Referral Partner
Sales commission percentage 30% - 40% 15%
Who makes the sale Dealer WebPosition
Who processes order Dealer or WebPosition WebPosition
Sales tools Banners, graphics, customizable web pages Banners, graphics
Sign-up fee $149 None
Who hosts free trial and web pages Dealer WebPosition

Whether a Dealer or a Referral partner such as TechEase, partnering with WebPosition makes good business sense. Sign up now, or contact us.

First place webposition 4

First place webposition 4
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